Photographer of the Year – March 2021 results

Competition date: 25th March 2021

Media: Digital

Subject: Age

Judge: Mike Barnard LRPS, ABPPA, BPE2

1Andre Van De SandeSelf portrait20
2Jeff HoweA helping hand19
3NiallSomething old19
4Tim StephensA Lifetime18
4Richard PaytonAge intertwined18
4Paul MorrisBald as a baby coot18
4Andre Van De SandeEvolution18
4Jip-llunExperienced guard18
4NiallStill got it at his age18
4Jeff HoweThe end of the road18
4Paul MorrisThe first time I met Dave18
4Cara SuttonThe Gardener18
4Andre Van De SandeYou can call me Jack18
14Niall18th Century farmhouse kitchen17
14Chris ChinnickAge of Steam17
14Chris ChinnickAge of the Tall Ships17
14Gwynn JonesArthritic joints17
14Peter RankinFirst camera circa 195817
14Jeff HoweIn search of the ancients17
14Trevor WallerJohn17
14Trevor WallerMary at her sunset17
14Richard PaytonMy Dad17
14Ann PhillipsOld instrument17
14Necia RogersPondering17
14Necia RogersSwirled Rust17
14Stephen WillcocksTrain Wreck17
14Richard PaytonWater Concentration17
14Chris ChinnickYoung at Heart17
30David Barton20 for old rope16
30Andre Van De SandeA Clockwork Orange’s 50th anniversary16
30Tim StephensA Season16
30David BartonAge of steam16
30Necia RogersAlmost Broken16
30NiallAn age old contest16
30David BartonAs old as the hills16
30Ann PhillipsCampervan in distress16
30Peter RankinGuardian of the Tomb16
30Cara SuttonKnock Knock16
30Trevor WallerLady in her garden16
30Jeff HoweNo one lives here anymore16
30Stephen WillcocksNostalgia16
30Peter RankinOnce Apon a Time16
30Chris ChinnickProud Mother16
30Ann PhillipsThe age of steam16
30Stephen WillcocksThe Girls16
30David BartonTwisted with age16
48Dean Pine191415
48Jip-llunCaerphilly Castle15
48Ann PhillipsDecaying tulip15
48Peter RankinGlass to print circa 190315
48Dean PineThrough the ages15
48Paul MorrisViillage elder15
48Necia RogersWeathered15
55Paul MorrisThe long suffering elder’s wife14
Last updated 26th March 2021
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