Photographer of the Year – January 2024 results

Competition date: 25th January 2024

Media: Print

Subject: Open

Judge: Kenneth Jacob

1Richard PaytonBaker Street – Love the Tube
2NiallReaching for the line
3Dave RussellAndy Glass, Solstice
4Jeff HoweThunderbirds fly byHIGHLY COMMENDED
5Chris ChinnickAberfoyle FallsCOMMENDED
5NiallLlanddwyn gateCOMMENDED
5Chris ChinnickThe KelpiesCOMMENDED
5Chris ChinnickUnion CanalCOMMENDED
9Trevor WallerBull
9Jeff HoweEvening log fire
9Stephen WillcocksForeshore
9Richard PaytonInto the blue green yonder
9Richard PaytonJohn Majeski Garden
9Jeff HoweKeep your eye on the ball
9Tim StephensKefalonia telecoms tower
9NiallLlantwit Major beach
9Chris ChinnickLunchbreak
9Jeff HoweMurmuration predator
9Tim StephensNeglect
9Stephen WillcocksNet!
9Trevor WallerSpinster At Home
9Stephen WillcocksStable Mates
9Trevor WallerTemple chapati makers
9Richard PaytonTube Train
9Trevor WallerVillager playing his Hmong Pen Pipe
9NiallWater Lilies
9Dave RussellWireworks bridge, Tintern
Last updated 26th January 2024
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