Photographer of the Year – June 2020 results

Competition date: 25th June 2020

Media: Digital

Subject: Open

Judge: Alan Stokes

1Jeff HoweHarrier Landing20
2Chris ChinnickComing Into Land 120
3Chris ChinnickBlue Emperor Dragonfly20
4Andre Van De SandeDon’t hide behind the mask19
4Trevor WallerWhat is the ring for?19
4David BartonMargam Castle19
4Jeff HowePorthcawl Sunset19
4NiallRed shank19
4Andre Van De SandeScorpion19
4Dave RussellThreads19
11Cara SuttonPeeking through the fern18
11Dave RussellSpatula18
11David BartonTree and bails in field18
11Andre Van De SandeBanded demoiselle and azure damselfly18
11Chris ChinnickTawny Owl18
11NiallUnder the Arches18
11Ray ThomasWater lilies18
11Cara SuttonBright lights dark thoughts18
11Andre Van De SandePlot with a view18
20Necia RogersBlowing Bubbles17
20Jeff HoweDuck Hunter17
20Tim StephensI am the light17
20Dean PineSitting Quietly17
20Trevor WallerElizabeth17
20Cara SuttonFace of a thousand stories17
20David BartonRed Arrow17
20Jiping BaiRobin17
20Tim StephensSacred Cow17
20Ann PhillipsSocially isolated17
20NiallBlue lagoon17
20Chris ChinnickLighting the way17
20Dave RussellMorgan17
20David BartonI see the Light17
20Amanda GoltonLife In Lockdown17
20Cara SuttonLockdown Laughter17
20Ann PhillipsNature’s pennants17
38Ann PhillipsBarry Old Harbour16
38Amanda GoltonCornelly FC16
38Jiping BaiReady to blossom16
38Jeff HoweBass Player16
38Dean PineHovering16
38Necia RogersLittle Miss Serious16
38Dave RussellQuality Street16
38Necia RogersIsolation16
38Necia RogersFoggy Autumn Morn16
47Amanda GoltonMentally Locked Down15
47Ray ThomasWild flowers15
47Ray ThomasWelsh Meadows15
50Ray ThomasRed Devil’s over Cardiff14
50Jiping BaiCatwalk14
50Amanda GoltonThe Lookout14
50Ann PhillipsWhere have all the children gone14
Last updated on the 28th June 2020
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