Photographer of the Year – May 2024 results

Competition date: 30th May 2024

Media: Print

Subject: Intentional camera movement (ICM)

Judge: Jenny Hibbert MPAGB EFIAP/g AWPF

1Richard PaytonCafe Dream
2Dave RussellRed Car
3Trevor WallerBusy street
4David BartonDamselfly ICMHIGHLY COMMENDED
4Chris ChinnickHustle and bustleHIGHLY COMMENDED
4Chris ChinnickLlandaff cathedralHIGHLY COMMENDED
4Stephen WillcocksOn The BeachHIGHLY COMMENDED
4Chris ChinnickStreet lifeHIGHLY COMMENDED
4NiallTree and reflectionHIGHLY COMMENDED
4NiallWalking homeHIGHLY COMMENDED
11David BartonAutumn colours ICMCOMMENDED
11Tim StephensDon’t go into the lightCOMMENDED
11Stephen WillcocksFly AwayCOMMENDED
11Jeff HoweGarden FlowersCOMMENDED
11Stephen WillcocksLow TideCOMMENDED
11Richard PaytonMr and Mrs SwanCOMMENDED
11Stephen WillcocksObliviousCOMMENDED
11Jeff HoweOut of the WoodsCOMMENDED
11Richard PaytonRoundaboutCOMMENDED
11David JonesRushes in the reedsCOMMENDED
11NiallSunset over lakeCOMMENDED
11Jeff HoweThe PierCOMMENDED
11Dave RussellTwisted TreeCOMMENDED
24David JonesCelandines in the sunshine
24Tim StephensCherry blossom bomb
24Tim StephensCradle of the sunset
24Dave RussellMuseum Foyer
24Trevor WallerPanels
24Trevor WallerSort of Lotus-like
24Jeff HoweThe Cyclist
24Richard PaytonWild Garlic
Last updated 5th June 2024
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