Locksheath & Sarisbury battle 2021

Our battle with Locksheath & Sarisbury took place this week. This is a new competition for the club, this being the second year that it has run. Last year it was a very close contest and this year was expected to be no different. The contest takes place over 2 legs, home & away. The same set of photographs are presented at each leg but scored by different judges. Our Judges this year were:

Roy Lambeth APAGB DPAGB, AFIAP, BPE2* at Locksheath & Sarisbury
Gareth Martin AWPF, CPAGB at Cardiff

Locksheath & Sarisbury were first to host and the contest was indeed very tight with Cardiff a whisker ahead by a slender 3 points at the close of play. It was all to play for on home turf. At half time it was still pretty tight with Cardiff only able to extend their advantage to a measly 6 points. However, in the second half things took a decisive turn and Cardiff ran out comfortable winners. The final scores were:

HostCardiffLocksheath & Sarisbury
Locksheath & Sarisbury (1st leg)333330
Cardiff (2nd leg)361346
Last updated 15th January 2021

A number our photographs were well liked by the judges scoring maximum marks…

  • “Owl” & “The bay at Eight” by Chris Chinnick
  • “Lone tree #1” by Dave Russell
  • “Harrier landing” by Jeff Howe
  • “Mystic Tresaith” by Tim Stephens
  • “The Pirate” by Andre Van de Sande

The full scorecard is below:

Photograph titleClubLocksheath & SarisburyCardiff
A Beautiful BodyLHS1617
Autumn FruitsLHS1716
Blue Emperor DragonflyCAF1516
Cake SmashCAF1417
Castle combe #1CAF1617
Chalkhill BlueLHS1720
Cheeky ChappyLHS2018
Connemara dreamCAF1216
Fireworks at Winchester CathedralLHS2020
Friendly Batman HoverflyLHS1517
Harrier LandingCAF1720
Langur Monkey Sri LankaLHS1418
Line of DutyLHS1418
Lone Tree #1CAF2019
Lonely as a CloudCAF1417
Male lionCAF1918
Macbeth the KingLHS1516
Looking at youLHS1414
Misty morningCAF1616
Mystic TresaithCAF1820
One Step UpLHS1519
Rainy Day Scotsman IILHS1818
Rhinoceros beetleCAF1619
Shadow DancerLHS1618
Snow leopard cubLHS1818
Subway DramaCAF1819
The Bay at EightCAF1720
The only way is backLHS1717
The pirateCAF1920
The Power and the GloryCAF1817
The Tennis TrophyCAF1817
Viking WarriorLHS1616
Last updated 15th January 2021. LHS = Locsheath & Sarisbury. CAF = Cardiff
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