Photographer of the Year – March 2023 results

Competition date: 30th March 2023

Media: Digital

Subject: People

Judge: Mike Clatworthy

1Sadie LeePainted LadyDISTINCTION
2Dave RussellWashboard ManDISTINCTION
3Andre Van De SandeThe captainHIGHLY COMMEND
4Dave RussellDump Me Would YouHIGHLY COMMEND
4Andre Van De SandeFriar tuckHIGHLY COMMEND
4Tom HanniganHappy TearsHIGHLY COMMEND
4NiallOld blue-eyesHIGHLY COMMEND
4Dean PinePolice in the communityHIGHLY COMMEND
4Richard PaytonThe Baddie – Do not crossHIGHLY COMMEND
10NiallA penny for your thoughtsCOMMENDED
10NiallCat girlCOMMENDED
10Sharon StevensonGood Hair DayCOMMENDED
10Sharon StevensonHere comes the busCOMMENDED
10Dave RussellKumaniCOMMENDED
10Sharon StevensonLost in musicCOMMENDED
10Chris ChinnickNot to Old to PartyCOMMENDED
10Chris ChinnickPride & JoyCOMMENDED
10Dave RussellRich LlewellinCOMMENDED
10Chris ChinnickRock ChoirCOMMENDED
10Andre Van De SandeSistersCOMMENDED
10Sadie LeeSomething about his TrumpetCOMMENDED
10Sharon StevensonStreet MagicianCOMMENDED
10Richard PaytonThe Knight and the DameCOMMENDED
10Richard PaytonThe MeetingCOMMENDED
10Tom HanniganThree GentlemenCOMMENDED
10Richard PaytonYou made itCOMMENDED
27Chris ChinnickCovid CleanerSUPERIOR
27Dean PineFamily Day OutSUPERIOR
27NiallGiving it allSUPERIOR
27Andre Van De SandeGrumpy babySUPERIOR
27Tom HanniganHungrySUPERIOR
27Tom HanniganParty GoersSUPERIOR
27Dean PineThe loving coupleSUPERIOR
Last updated 3rd April 2023. Grades in ascending order MERIT, SUPERIOR, COMMENDED, HIGHLY COMMENDED, DISTINCTION
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