Photographer of the Year – May 2020 results

Competition date28th May 2020



JudgeDave Bennett

2Andre Van De SandeThe pirate20
3Andre Van De SandeHeron20
4Chris ChinnickLockdown19
4Andre Van De SandeRhinoceros beetle19
4Cara SuttonWatercolour Iris19
7David BartonAnger issues18
7Trevor WallerDisplaying Ruffs18
7Cara SuttonI see you18
7Andre Van De SandeJackdaw18
7Jeff HowePorthcawl Storm18
7David BartonSelf portrait18
7Jeff HoweThe Traveller18
14David BartonChiaroscuro horse17
14Ann PhillipsColour trail17
14Ann PhillipsHigh key cows17
14Trevor WallerIndian Courtyard17
14Trevor WallerLapwing17
14Chris ChinnickNuthatch17
14David BartonPontypridd common17
14Ann PhillipsRed and white17
14Chris ChinnickTiger Bay17
14Jeff HoweVertical Break17
14Cara SuttonWhile my guitar gently weeps17
25Jiping BaiBay at Night16
25Necia RogersClematis16
25Trevor WallerCommon Red Legged Robber fly16
25Cara SuttonField of golden dreams16
25Jiping BaiFriendly Garden Sneak Peek16
25Ann PhillipsJust grass16
25Necia RogersLooking Away16
25Necia RogersSnow in Jerusalem16
25Dean PineThe Constant Flow16
25NiallThief of hearts16
25Jeff HoweTide Marks16
25Dean PineTwo Levels16
25Ray ThomasWelsh farmland16
38NiallFarmyard structures15
38Chris ChinnickPaper Kite15
38Ray ThomasRed rose15
38Jiping BaiTennis Ball15
38Ray ThomasTwo girls on a boat15
44Necia RogersCover Me14
44Tim StephensThe stuff of nightmares14
46Tim StephensReady Aim Fire13
46Ray ThomasSolar eclipse13
Last updated 29th May 2020
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