How to prepare & submit print photographs for competition


Print photographs entered for club competitions must be mounted on a board that is no bigger than 50×40 cms.

NOTE: Smaller boards are acceptable and will not affect the score your photograph receives.

In addition the photographers membership number, photograph title and an optional orientation marker must be recorded on the rear of the mounting board. An orientation marker is only required if the orientation of the image is not obvious and takes the form of an arrow pointing to the top most edge of the photograph

Prints must be with the competition secretary no later than 2 weeks prior to the competition.


In an age where the dominant method to enjoy photographs is through a display device creating a photographic print offers a unique way to share your images. Like most areas of photography in making a print there are numerous choices e.g. printing method, paper et. al. that affect the result. You are free to explore these options if you wish but this is not required for competition. The information presented here deals with preparing a print for use in competition rather than the printing process. If you want more information about printing then club members have a wealth of experience to share.

Home printing

If available to you, probably the simplest way to produce a print is to use a domestic printer. Domestic printers are capable of producing prints of sufficient quality for competition on photographic paper.

NOTE: The use on non-photograph paper would results in prints not of sufficient quality for competition.

Commercial printing

Commercially produced prints may also be used in competitions. You are free to use any printing service but Davies Colour are regularly used by members (and offer a discount to club).


Just as with printing there are many options for mounting your photographs. The simplest is to source mount (glue) your photograph to the mount board but window mounting is also allowed. You can also have your prints mounted commercially and Cardiff Frame have been used a number of members (and offer a club discount). There is wealth of experience with mounting photographs within the club and if you need any assistance feel free to approach any committee member for more information

However you mount your photographs please do so in a way that minimises the chances of damaging other members prints in storage. For this reason sellotape, masking tape & excess glue left on mounts are actively discouraged.


In order to present your photographs in the best light consider the following:

Print Size: You do not have to print your photograph at the largest size that will fit the mount board. Consider the subject and choose a size that is most appropriate.

Board colour: Photographs are normally mounted on black or white boards but you may feel a different colour shows your work off to better advantage

Print position: You do not have to mount your photograph in the centre of the board. A photograph positioned so that three of the margins between photograph edge and board edge are equal can look more pleasing.

Orientation: Prints can be mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation. Experiment with mounting a landscape orientation photograph in a portrait orientation board.

Submitting your photographs

Photographic prints for competition should be delivered to the competition secretary (or designate) on a club night. There is normally a box left out on a table in the club room for your prints.

In addition to supplying the print a digital copy (to competition standard) of the competition entry photograph should also e-mailed to the competition secretary (

NOTE: The digital version can be used to represent the club in competition, publicity and record keeping

You should receive a receipt for your photographs from the competition secretary within 24hrs of delivering them. If you do not receive a receipt please follow up.

Usage restrictions

Photographers retain the copyright for all work submitted for competition. Unless otherwise stated upon submission the club is granted licence to use the photographs as set out in the membership application form. If you wish to place stricter controls over your photographs these must be included at the time of submission. This can be either the print or digital copies

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