Members Choice award 2020 results

NOTE: The club was not able to meet for the 2020 Members choice award so the print competition was replaced by digital sub-competitions on “Landscapes” and “Portraits”


1Andre Van De SandeBright eyes4.6
2Chris ChinnickSign of the times4.1
3Ann PhillipsSocially isolated4.0
4Trevor WallerJeff4.0
5Dave RussellLone Tree #13.9
6Tim StephensVantage Point3.8
6NiallHellebore in vase3.8
8Dave RussellCastle combe #13.8
8Andre Van De SandeSplash3.8
10Dave RussellMalachite Kingfisher3.7
10Trevor WallerDon’t Mess with Me3.7
12Tim StephensMystic Tresaith3.7
13Chris ChinnickGet off my branch3.7
15Amanda GoltonLife In Lockdown3.5
16Trevor WallerScottish Landscape3.4
17Necia RogersCake Smash3.4
18David BartonFemale malard3.3
18Necia RogersBeauty of Africa3.3
20David BartonInocence3.3
21Andre Van De SandeEilean donan castle3.2
21Chris ChinnickI’m ready for my close up3.2
24Ann PhillipsPhotobombed by a boat3.0
25Cara SuttonMellow Yellow2.9
26Cara SuttonPerseverance2.9
27Jiping BaiHero2.8
28Ann PhillipsLeaving2.8
28Dean PineBlowing in the wind2.8
28Jeff HoweSyrian Pizza Man2.8
31Necia RogersDraw me in2.7
32Stephen WillcocksFight2.5
32Dean PineCentury At Attention2.5
32David BartonSunset 32.5
32Amanda GoltonReach2.5
36Jiping BaiSpeed and Power2.4
37Dean PineSights of Summer2.4
37Jeff HoweFace n Feet2.4
39Tim StephensFlamingo2.3
39Jeff HoweA Leg To Stand On2.3
39Amanda GoltonMini Kicker2.3
42Jiping BaiQuiet Bay2.0


1Dave RussellLone Tree #13.9
2Dave RussellCastle combe #13.8
3Tim StephensMystic Tresaith3.7
4Chris ChinnickGet off my branch3.7
5Trevor WallerScottish Landscape3.4
6Andre Van De SandeEilean donan castle3.2
7Ann PhillipsPhotobombed by a boat3.0
8Necia RogersDraw me in2.7
9David BartonSunset 32.5
10Jiping BaiQuiet Bay2.0


1Andre Van De SandeBright eyes4.6
2Trevor WallerJeff4.0
3Dave RussellMalachite Kingfisher3.7
3Trevor WallerDon’t Mess with Me3.7
5Necia RogersCake Smash3.4
6Necia RogersBeauty of Africa3.3
7David BartonInocence3.3
8Chris ChinnickI’m ready for my close up3.2
9Cara SuttonPerseverance2.9
10Jiping BaiHero2.8
11Ann PhillipsLeaving2.8
11Dean PineBlowing in the wind2.8
13Amanda GoltonMini Kicker2.3
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