Photographer of the year competition rules

NOTE: Due to restrictions introduced because of the COVID-19 pandemic the rules are currently operating in modified form.


  1. Open to paid-up club members only
  2. The competition will incorporate 3 separate contest for:
    • Prints (Print photographer of the year)
    • Digital projected images (Digital Photographer of the year)
    • Prints and digital (Photographer of the year).
  3. All members will compete in a single competition
  4. There will be eight monthly league competitions in the club year, between October and June.
  5. Four digital rounds will be held in October, January, March and May
  6. Four print rounds will held in November, February, April and July.
  7. Each monthly competition may be either open or on a set subject as determined by the competition secretary
  8. Each member may submit a maximum of four entries to each monthly digital round
  9. Each member may submit a maximum of three entries to each monthly print round
  10. Entries should be as anonymous as practical
  11. A particular image (or near duplicate) may not be used more than once in any given club year.  A digital image and a print made from it (or near duplicate) will count as one image
  12. Colour photographs are defined as those which contain multiple colours in addition to basic monochromatic tones.
  13. Monochrome photographs are defined as those which contain no colour or a single colour or tint.. For example a sepia toned print is classed as monochrome.
  14. Entries consisting of multiple discrete separate images (such as a triptych) are not allowed, except where the competition secretary expressly permits such photographs in set subject competitions. NOTE: This rule does not apply to composite images.
  15. The club may use images entered into internal competitions for its publicity material, on its website and in external inter club competitions. The club will not use such images for revenue generation and copyright will remain with the photographer. If you are not happy to have your work used in this way please inform the Competition Secretary at the time of submission by e-mail at address


  1. Photographs will be scored out of 20 marks by an external judge (not associated with the club)
  2. 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will be awarded for the photographs submitted in each months competition
  3. For the purposes of the overall contest the monthly score awarded to the member will be the total of the highest two scores awarded to their monthly entries.
  4. The contest winner will be awarded at the end of the season to the member with the highest total monthly score in each section (Print, digital, both). Should this result in a tie, the winner will be the member with the highest number of 1st places. If this does not resolve the issue, the number of 2nd and 3rd places will be considered followed by the number of 20’s 19’s etc.


  1. Prints may be of any size up to the maximum mounting board size.
  2. All prints should be mounted on card up to 50 x 40 cm in size (but no larger than this)
  3. The photographers membership number, photograph title and display orientation indicator (if required) should be recorded on the reverse of the print mount.
  4. Digital entries should be no more than 1600 pixels wide or 1200 pixels high, in JPEG format and the sRGB colour space.
  5. Digital entry file names should be structured as: Sequence Number_Title_ Member Number.jpg  The 3 parts being separated by underscores. For example “2_Landscape at Brecon_177.jpg” indicates an image titled “Landscape at Brecon” by member 177 and is the second of their entries to be displayed
  6. If the total number of entries in the competition is deemed by the Competition Secretary to be more than the judge could be reasonably expected to consider, he/she may reduce the entry from each member. The sequence number will be used to indicate the member’s order of preference. Photographs with a high preference number are most likely to be removed.
  7. Digital entries must be sent to the competition secretary by e-mail at address
  8. All entries must be with the competition secretary no later that 2 weeks prior to the competition date
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