Photograph of the year 2021 results

Judge: Dennis Russ LRPS, AFIAP, AWPF, CPAGB, BPE1*

Date: 23rd September 2021

1NiallNeon Runner20
2Andre Van De SandeSelf portrait20
3David BartonRed Rose20
4Dave RussellHandrail19 (HC)
4Jeff HoweThe Mushroom Family19 (HC)
4Chris ChinnickPistyll Cain Waterfall (North Wales)19 (HC)
7Tim StephensA Lifetime19
7Trevor WallerA Light in The Darkness19
7Andre Van De SandeGrey heron19
7Ann PhillipsTrapped19
7Richard PaytonPentych through the mist19
7Paul MorrisThe beach seller19
13Richard PaytonMisty Woods18
13David BartonWild Rabbit18
13Trevor WallerLeijka18
13David BartonMale model18
13Chris ChinnickPhotobombed18
13Necia RogersPrecious Whispers18
13Andre Van De SandeWild rabbit18
21Chris ChinnickHanging out to dry17
21Jeff HoweStone Pine Trees17
21Stephen WillcocksAlmost Ready17
21Trevor WallerArchitectural waves17
21Andre Van De SandeCoal tit17
21Tim StephensLakeland Barn17
21Ann PhillipsLonely phonebox17
21Richard PaytonMy Dad17
21Paul MorrisOn guard17
21Chris ChinnickPoppy Sue17
21David BartonSunset at Cardiff Bay17
21Dave RussellThe Drummer17
21Necia RogersLittle Miss Serious17
21Tim StephensNeck and Neck17
21Jeff HoweThe Old Boat17
21Dave RussellCenarth #117
21Jeff HoweIn search of the ancients17
21Richard PaytonMermaid Quay Lights17
21Ann PhillipsMisty morning walk17
21Tim StephensThe Parade17
41Stephen WillcocksDartmoor Sunset16
41NiallKestrel landing16
41Necia RogersI can see right through you16
41Ann PhillipsBarry Being Battered16
41Dave RussellChartist Bridge, Blackwood16
41Trevor WallerMultitasking Goalie16
48Necia RogersBeauty of Africa15
48Paul MorrisThe first time I met Dave15
48Paul MorrisCan’t wait to get my head down15
Last updated 25th September 2021. Maximum score 20. HC = Highly Commended

NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic a digital only competition was held this year

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