Locksheath & Sarisbury battle 2022

Locksheath & Sarisbury hosted our annual battle on Monday 31st January 2022. In a change from the norm the contest took place on a single night (rather than home & away legs). The judge, Cat Humphries, was selected from outside both clubs normal catchment. The Zoom video conference service was used to host the competition and was well attended by both clubs.

Many great photographs were on display but the 3 top photographs (all scoring top marks) for Cat were:

Harmony (Locksheath & Sarisbury)

Mushroom family by Jeff Howe (Cardiff)

Wild Rabbit by Dave Barton (Cardiff)

Up until scoring of the held photographs it was a close run contest with a single point separating the clubs. However, after the final reckoning Cardiff were victorious – well done us. The final scores were:

Locksheath & Sarisbury161
Last updated 12th February 2022. Maximum score 200 points

Many thanks to Locksheath & Sarisbury for hosting the battle – see you next year. The full scoresheet is shown below:

OrderPhotograph TitleClubScore
01A bit closeCardiff9
02A Dart river paradiseCardiff8
03A Light in The DarknessCardiff8.5
04A splashing timeLHSCC8.5
05Autumn ExerciseLHSCC8.5
06Baby FoodLHSCC9
07Berry Nice to Meet YouCardiff7
10Deer in the BluebellsLHSCC8
12Engine DriverLHSCC7
15Gothic symmetryCardiff9
16Grey HeronCardiff8.5
17Guitar ManLHSCC9.5
18Haring aboutLHSCC6.5
20Head for HeightsCardiff7.5
21Jewel BeetleCardiff9.5
22Malachite KingfisherCardiff8.5
23Male ModelCardiff8.5
24Mating dragonfliesCardiff8.5
26Moon RisingCardiff7.5
28One last lookLHSCC7
29Pistyll Cain Waterfall (North Wales)Cardiff8.5
30Sacred IbisLHSCC7.5
31Southampton DocksLHSCC9
32Taking on waterLHSCC9
33The DrummerCardiff8
34The F.S. on Watercress LineLHSCC8
35The Mushroom FamilyCardiff10
36Ullswater Boat HouseLHSCC8
37Under CoverLHSCC6.5
38Waiting For Back-upLHSCC9
39Wild RabbitCardiff10
40Young Grey WagtailLHSCC6
Last updated 12th February 2022. Maximum score 10 points
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