Photographer of the Year – October 2021 results

Competition date: 4th November 2021

Media: Digital

Subject: Open

Judge: Gary Shinner LRPS, EFIAP/b, MPSA2, AWPF, BPSA, GAPU

1Trevor WallerMoon Rising20 
2Trevor WallerA bit close19 
3Chris ChinnickDouble Act18 HC
3Andre Van De SandeThe acrobat18 
6David BartonCaptive17 C
6Richard PaytonExplosive Cloud over Early morning Refinery17 C
6Tim StephensDelicate17 
6Tim StephensFamily17 
6Andre Van De SandeRose17 
6David BartonKestral Portrait17 
6David BartonShere Khan17 
6Chris ChinnickWho Ate all the Pies17 
6Chris ChinnickPoppy17 
6Chris ChinnickAfon Llugwy17 
16Dave RussellSnowy Owl16 
16Trevor WallerNatasha and Marielle – new exhibit16 
16Trevor WallerSpider minding its business16 
16Andre Van De SandeCome to daddy16 
16David BartonOwletts16 
16Richard PaytonDam Diagonals16 
16Richard PaytonBridge to the trees16 
23Dave RussellBritannia15 
23Dean PineGold Standard15 
23Dean PineHistory Saved15 
23Dean PineCrossed15 
23Andre Van De SandeEaster parade15 
23NiallSunset dream15 
30Dave RussellWislsy Hippo14 
30Dave RussellLanding Approach14 
30Richard PaytonWeeds, reeds and clouds14 
Last updated 5th November 2021. Maximum score 20. HC = Highly Commended. C = Commended
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