Photographer of the Year – October 2019 results

Competition date: 31st October 2020

Media: Digital

Subject: Open

Judge: Paul Branchflower

1David BartonInnocence20
2Andre Van De Sandellandudno pier sunset20
3Trevor WallerThe Basketball player20
4Andre Van De Sandemale lion19
5Dave RussellLLanddwyn #118
5Stephen WillcocksAlpine Beauty18
5Tim StephensVantage Point18
5Andre Van De Sandebenidorm sunset18
5Cara SuttonIf wishes were horses18
11Trevor WallerBeing Different17
11Jeff HoweLook at Me17
11Jeff HoweConcentration17
11NiallOrdnance datum17
11David BartonJoker17
11Chris ChinnickShambles (york)17
11Chris ChinnickPistyll Cain Waterfall (North Wales)17
11Necia RogersShipwrecked17
11Necia RogersTell Me Again17
11AlunBHalong Bay17
21Ann PhillipsWatched16
21Dean PineEye’s Right Holly16
21Andre Van De Sandeplanet soap bubble16
21NiallPorthkerry Viaduct16
21David BartonA Jaunt in the Vallys16
21David BartonBurn burn burn16
21Gwynn JonesMirrors16
28Dave RussellDominoes15
28Trevor WallerGirl and Bike15
28Jiping BaiScott Memorial Lighthouse15
28Chris ChinnickWhats the Goss Girls15
28Cara SuttonFire light reflections15
28Gwynn JonesRobin Stackpole15
28Gwynn JonesGone fishing15
28Necia RogersThe Gaze15
28Necia RogersColour Me15
28AlunBHanoi Hawker15
39Dave RussellFrog14
39Dave RussellSand Pattern14
39Stephen WillcocksBig Pit14
39Ann PhillipsBeach lovers14
39Dean PineAttack By Night14
39Dean PineFloor It14
39Tim StephensIntertwined14
39Jeff HoweThe Good Book14
39Jeff HoweTrees14
39Chris ChinnickNorth American Otter14
39Cara SuttonKeepers wild pony14
39Gwynn JonesBrecons waterfall14
51Stephen WillcocksLone Tree13
51Stephen WillcocksSmile13
51Ann PhillipsSeat with a view13
51Ann PhillipsWatery sunset13
51Dean PineAfter The Rideout13
51Dave BrownIs it comming13
51Dave BrownIs that daddys ship13
51Dave BrownLine ahead 113
51Dave BrownWave to the sunset13
51AlunBOn yer bike13
61Jiping BaiSunset12
61AlunBWrong side of the tracks12
Last updated 2nd November 2019
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