Photographer of the Year – November 2022 results

Competition date: 24th November 2022

Media: Print

Subject: Open

Judge: Vince Penticost AWPF

1Trevor WallerTwilight fishingDISTINCTION
2Chris ChinnickNorth American P51 MustangDISTINCTION
3Richard PaytonMystical eyesDISTINCTION
4Stephen WillcocksMy Name is FinnHIGHLY COMMEND
4NiallRacing in the parkHIGHLY COMMEND
6Chris ChinnickAt the DogsCOMMENDED
6Dave RussellStadium nightCOMMENDED
6Trevor WallerThe daily grindCOMMENDED
9Stephen WillcocksAgapanthusSUPERIOR
9Gwynn JonesFerry cottageSUPERIOR
9NiallNewborough pinesSUPERIOR
9Chris ChinnickParade of ShadesSUPERIOR
9NiallRisky parkingSUPERIOR
9Dave RussellTeaselSUPERIOR
9Richard PaytonThe ArchesSUPERIOR
9Trevor WallerThe honourable chapati mixerSUPERIOR
9NiallWot ewe looking at?SUPERIOR
18Dean PineAlertMERIT
18Trevor WallerEveryday objectsMERIT
18Gwynn JonesRed boat at sunsetMERIT
18Gwynn JonesRed wharf bayMERIT
18Stephen WillcocksStreet PerformersMERIT
18Chris ChinnickTypically TropicalMERIT
Last updated 30th November 2022. Grades in ascending order MERIT, SUPERIOR, COMMENDED, HIGHLY COMMENDED & DISTINCTION
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