Photographer of the Year – February 2021 results

Competition date: 25th February 2021

Media: Digital

Subject: Open

Judge: Barbie Lindsay MPAGB, FBPE, EFIAP/s, AWPF

1Chris ChinnickHanging out to dry20
2Cara SuttonThe Boxer20
3Stephen WillcocksDartmoor Sunset19
5Trevor WallerArchitectural waves18
5Peter RankinEye Contact18
5Andre Van De SandeKingfisher18
5Andre Van De SandeIncoming buzzard18
5Andre Van De SandeDandelion achene with welsh water droplet18
5Andre Van De SandeDragan effect selfie18
5David BartonStock dove18
5Necia RogersHanging Around18
13Peter RankinLilly17
13Jeff HoweThe Spinner17
13David BartonAbandoned Silver and Tin mine17
13Richard PaytonMisty Morning Woods17
18Dave RussellSenedd Glass16
18Dave RussellSunset Reflections16
18Trevor WallerReading The Gospel16
18Trevor WallerColourful sect16
18NiallFish supper16
18David BartonBodybuilder16
18Cara SuttonIm not sharing16
18Richard PaytonFederer Serves16
26Dave RussellBike Stands15
26Dave RussellHeron15
26Trevor WallerCovid sick retailer15
26Stephen WillcocksThe Custom House15
26Stephen WillcocksForest Fire15
26Ann PhillipsThe Guardian15
26Dean PineFirst snowfall15
26NiallKing of the hill15
26NiallPath to nowhere15
26David BartonCardiff Bay15
26Chris ChinnickNew Arrivals15
26Cara SuttonThe Veiled Lady15
26Richard PaytonConstantine Bay Spray15
26Paul MorrisThe shopkeeper15
40Dean PineThornes14
40Tim StephensThe Tipster14
40Jeff HoweThe Conversation14
40Jeff HoweThe Old Boat14
40Necia RogersGentle King14
40Necia RogersSurf’s up14
40Paul MorrisThe beachseller14
47Tim StephensDrink at Dawn13
47Jeff HoweA Foggy Day13
47Chris ChinnickGarden Delights13
47Necia RogersFly Trap13
51Ann PhillipsRibbons of autumn12
51Ann PhillipsSummer isolation12
51Jip-llunCardiff Castle at Night12
51Richard PaytonFilming the opening12
51Paul MorrisSans paroles12
56Stephen WillcocksPierhead Silhouette11
56Ann PhillipsRunning through lockdown11
56Chris ChinnickAnther Haven11
Last updated 26th February 2021
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