Photographer of the Year – March 2024 results

Competition date: 28th March 2024

Media: Print

Subject: Open

Judge: David Williams AWPF

1David JonesFoning a friend
2Richard PaytonThe Masked Hillbilly
3Richard PaytonMajda
4Dave RussellBeach HutsHIGHLY COMMENDED
4Chris ChinnickDad hair dayHIGHLY COMMENDED
4Dave RussellFaded HydrangaHIGHLY COMMENDED
4Richard PaytonFeed Me!HIGHLY COMMENDED
4Tim StephensOrchid mortHIGHLY COMMENDED
4Richard PaytonPink Self StorageHIGHLY COMMENDED
4Jeff HoweStrangers on the ShoreHIGHLY COMMENDED
12NiallBlack Eagle FormationCOMMENDED
12David JonesBring me sunshineCOMMENDED
12NiallCoastal treesCOMMENDED
12Chris ChinnickEmerging otterCOMMENDED
12Stephen WillcocksFinal ApproachCOMMENDED
12Jeff HoweFly My FriendCOMMENDED
12David BartonMelancholyCOMMENDED
12NiallOld techCOMMENDED
12Chris ChinnickShower timeCOMMENDED
12Stephen WillcocksThe BackwaterCOMMENDED
12Jeff HoweThe Photographer’s HandsCOMMENDED
12NiallTree abstractCOMMENDED
24David BartonArm + Arm juxtaposition
24Trevor WallerChrissy is happy
24Tim StephensCity Centre Study
24Stephen WillcocksDriftwood
24Chris ChinnickDroplet cradled
24Dave RussellFreshwild Game
24Trevor WallerGreen woodpecker
24Jeff HoweSmokestack
24David JonesSwitched off
24Trevor WallerWater nymph distorts perspective
Last updated 3rd April 2024
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