Photographer of the Year – January 2022 results

Competition date: 27th January 2022

Media: Digital

Subject: Open

Judge: Trevor James BA(Hons) Photography, ARPS, AWPF

1David BartonFlight in motion20 
2Andre Van De SandeKingfisher sequence20 
3Andre Van De SandeSplash20 
4Tim StephensOne tired old dog19 
4Andre Van De SandeHoverfly on hawkweed19 
6Tim StephensThe Beauty18 
6NiallNest building18 
6NiallLooking at you18 
6David BartonLow flying18 
6David BartonPrepare to Launch18 
6Chris ChinnickUp and Away18 
12Stephen WillcocksCrystal Clear17 
12Dean PineForgotten17 
12NiallLlanddwyn celtic cross17 
12David BartonOne for Silver two for Gold17 
12Chris ChinnickEagle Owl17 
12Chris ChinnickOi!17 
12Richard PaytonFungus Tree17 
12Richard PaytonThe Winged Cloud at Sunset17 
20Dave RussellBreathe No Evil16 
20Dave RussellBends Ahead16 
20Dave RussellLight Hearted16 
20Stephen WillcocksYum16 
20Stephen WillcocksLingmill Gill16 
20Dean PineFestive lights16 
20Dean PineFrog amongst the toads16 
20Dean PineDistant16 
20Andre Van De SandeWild flower16 
20NiallAgeing leaf16 
20Richard PaytonBlue Hour St.Davids16 
31Dave RussellWinter in the Woods15 
31Chris ChinnickScrew Loose15 
31Richard PaytonHalaholo gets his man15 
34Stephen WillcocksRescue14 
Last updated 29th January 2022. Maximum score 20 points
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