Llandaff Cathedral field trip

Following a bit of a mix up (by me!) we had to change our programme at the very last minute. A few intrepid souls managed to change plans and we met up at Llandaff Cathedral – mostly just for the pleasure of meeting after such a long time locked out of the club room, with of course a little photography thrown in for good measure!

The few snaps below will show the general tenor of the evening. Keen observers will note that Dave copied the absent Jeff after I mentioned a particular low level shot thru roots that the latter had taken a couple of weeks ago; and he also followed Dean in much use of the Glass Ball!! It just shows how club life shares ideas…😁 And of course I had fun photographing him doing it…

The weather held up beautifully and at some point we shall have a showing at club to see what the others produced. For some of us the evening concluded with a nice drink at the local pub; although I must mention with some amusement that Sue would like to have it known she was drinking coffee.

It was simply a pleasant get together!

Words & photographs by Trevor Waller

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