The picnic that wasn’t

The committee was thinking about the programme in these transitional times from lockdown, and decided we are ‘Zoomed Out’! And in June, the weather is good, isn’t it? So we thought we would have a social picnic and maybe take a few photos. Just the fun of meeting up and maybe some would adjourn to the pub afterwards? But the BBC forewarned us of Thunderstorms and rain – so we cancelled the picnic – and then updated forecast to better weather! So some of us met anyway and had a good chat. As some wandered off in pairs it is hard to know yet what photos were taken overall; and Andre, ever the nature photographer vanished! I guess a show and tell, plus our Facebook page will show a couple of images… Oh and it was fun using photography to meet a Kurdistani chap who insisted his ancestors came from indigenous USA Indians, he with the white feather in his hat…

Words by Trevor Waller. Photographs by Jeff Howe & Trevor Waller

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